Migration Map

This map shows addresses and places of birth & death of - amongst others - some members of my family.

All data is 'document-based', which means I only added data found in online documents I could link to.

Using only these observations, I 'reconstructed' the whereabouts of people like my grandmother, who came from Austria to work as a maid in Amsterdam and IzaƤk Lob, one of her employers.

Click any marker to see the observations linked to that location.

Buttons link to ..

L a location
R a personreconstruction
D a document

The roar ontology

When describing persons and locations, it's important to distinguish observations (as found in a document) from reconstructions (combined data from multiple observations you consider to be about the same person).

The roar ontology was developed to do just that. Here we showcase how address data, birth- and deathdates found in archival documents can be used to create personreconstructions, visualised as lines on the map.

Read more on the data, modelling and the way reconstructions were made on the github data repo.